February 6, 2012

500pts Flash Fantasy Tournament Draft Lists...

There is a tournament here in Durango in 3 weeks. The aim is to get new players starting to play so we are using a small warband type system. I have decided that if there is odd numbers I will play if not I'll be a referee of sorts. 

So I need to come up with a list. I wanted them to be based off the battalions as this is what most will be starting from and I did not want anyone getting a nasty surprise (Not the best way to get new players to continue to play.)

 I have decided to commit myself to playing Chaos this year so I have the following 3 lists:

Warriors of Chaos

1 Sorcerer of Chaos of Fire with an Enchanted shield
18 chaos warriors with full command and the banner of  Discipline 
2 units of Chaos Hounds one 5 and one 6

This is a basic smash you face type list (the only trick being the standard which give the army leadership 9). it should help people see how dangerous Chaos warriors can be and the hounds are to show redirecting. and how small units will get eaten by bigger units. :)

The next list is Beastmen:

Wargor with Shield, Heavy armour and Gnarled hide (2+ Armour save and 6+ Parry)
29 Gors with full command and extra hand weapon
9 Ungor raiders with Musician
1 Tuskgor Chariot

So this list is to show a horde formation with the Gors, Show how impact hits work and how they can kill small units sometimes easily. It will also show how hatred works and ballistic skill shooting.

The 3rd list is Daemons of Chaos:

Herald of Khorne with the firestrom Blade (+1S and flaming attacks)
22 Khorne Bloodletters with musician and standard.
1 Bloodreaper on Juggernaught (Blood crusher champion)

This list is brutal at small points. The blood reaper will cause havoc as a single model showing how stomps work and used as bait. The Bloodletters will show off hatred and killing blow. Their high initiative should show how important this is and the herald will show how nice having high strength will be. The whole army will show how ward saves work which is nice.

I have talked about showing off various rules it does not mean that these armies are not competitive I think they will do well but rather not having a WAAC mentality to expand the user group.

So looking at the lists which do you like the best? 


  1. For what you want to achieve I think the beastmen is probably gonna be the best one. Although I also like the Warriors of Chaos

  2. Yeah I think that the Beastmen might get the shout. Of Course I might not even play if there are even numbers.