February 9, 2014

January gaming a tally of Sorts...

So I made a pledge to myself to complete 100 games this year of Warhammer.

Turns out that it is a lot harder than it seems!

Anyway I played the following games in January:

2500pts - Dark Elves VS Beastmen - 20-0  - WIN
2500pts - Dark Elves VS Lizardmen - 7-13 - LOSS
2500pts - Dark Elves VS Daemons of Chaos - 4-16 - LOSS
2500pts - Dark Elves VS High Elves - 6-14 - LOSS
2500pts - Dark Elves VS Dark Elves - 18-2 - WIN
2500pts - Dark Elves VS Daemons of Chaos - 17-3 - WIN
2500pts - Dark Elves VS Warriors of Chaos - 20-0 - WIN

Cost of Warhammer/per game in 2014 (January):
$0 - Haven't spent a penny yet in 2014 so my hobby is pretty cheap this year ;)

****Thanks to Kraggi at the Varcan Cluster for the idea of calculation cost per game!****

So Overall for January a slight edge to winning with my new force of Dark Elves. I haven't got much to show of them yet as  these games have been on Universal Battle which is great of honing your army before spending lots of money on models.

7/100 is a little off the pace I'd like to be but in February I will have 2 games by this weekend, 3 games at Ghengiscon and a Triumph and Treachery game all by the first 2 weekends! that should put me in good stead to pick up another couple in the latter weeks.

At the Ghengiscon event in which I will be taking my Warriors of Chaos army out for one last hurrah before they go to a new owner in Denver. This tournament is 2400pts which as you can see is a little lower than I have been playing and the army was designed for so concessions have had to be made in order to get the army working.

Full details of the tournament will be in a post after next weekend. Hopefully with some pictures from the event.

Speaking of Events the 2014 Lost Souls Fantasy tournament will be a qualifier for the 2014/2015 US Masters! I am so excited about this event and all the mountain region events for Colorado and the sounding states to finally have a voice at this nationwide event.

Until next time, thanks for looking and comments are always worth it.

December 31, 2013

Out with the old and in with the New...

So this year has been terrible for this blog a grand total of five whole posts. 

That is truely terrible from a personal point of view so with a look back to what I actually achieved in the hobby, we will look at what I want from this blog and what I look to put out over 2014

So the main things I achieved in 2013 were:

1. Ran a successful 2 day tournament
2. Finally painted my own army 
3. Looked more at the hobby side of the hobby, which I hadn't done in years.

Here are some models I painted this year:

The whole army laid out this makes up 2000pts. Fun list to run!

Action shot!

The only good High Elf is a dead High Elf.

Loved creating these models.

The use of Orc chariots allowed me to get some semi unique chariots for core and keep the rest of the kit should I decide to run Gore beast chariots in core.

My latest piece. Finished it for a friend in Durango. Loved this model and have been trying new techniques all over the place with it. 

That's pretty much what I did in 2013 but as the title says out with the old and in with the new!

So aims for 2014 are as follows:

1. Go to 4 Warhammer tournaments. This will include 3 in Denver, CO  and the American Team Championships. 
2. Paint more often. This year was a roller coaster for painting I had several months where I painted nothing and a couple where I had to paint 3-6 hours a night. Not good for the hobby mojo and not good for the wife hobby balance.
3. Be more about the hobby and background and less about winning. Feel that sometimes I loose the aim of this game which is to have fun and not just to win. 
4. Build a new army. 

So with these points in mind what does this mean for the blog?

1. More updates. Will update from my phone and tablet. This means shorter posts but more frequent.
2. More pictures of models. I am moving house in the next couple of days and can have a permanent light box set up so as soon as I am finished a model I can take a quick photo and get it up here.
3. More hobby content. This will be in the form of terrain tutorials and scenarios as well as background "fluff".

So with 2013 coming to a close bring on 2014 with more fun filled Hobby goodness!

Thanks for looking

September 16, 2013

Marauder weekend...

Finally started my army for Feast of Blades Warhammer Fantasy tournament. With a nice sword for best overall and the chance to actually play in a 2 day event in Colorado I am super excited about this. 

Now I need to get the army to above tabletop standard. Starting with the marauders I have 12 units I need to get done that's including 4 characters and 3 chariots so it should be do able. 

Here is the finished marauders of Slaanesh except for the bases as the whole army will be based at the same time to be consistent. 

Movement tray will be replaced with a Sarissa  Precision one once they come in the post. 

That's probably enough of these guys. Next is 10 marauder horsemen and pics of a finished Golgfag. (Who is not in my army)

Ill also post my list up after the cut off of the 21st for your perusal. I warn you though I think it's filth. 

Thanks for looking